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The Evolution of the Flying Disc.


Moving on from the age of petroleum, the handcrafted Frisboo flying disc is 99% bamboo and biodegradeable. Great for the field, fantastic for the beach-- kids love them as much as the pros are impressed. 

 Inspired by the indigenous traditions of South East Asia, Frisboos are hand woven from bamboo and rattan vine.  The disc is all weather and food friendly.   However, unlike its petrochemical step-brother, the Frisboo is 100% biodegradable.  

And it handles and flies even better!

The Frisboo Flies Fantastic.  

We love to play disc,  so you can bet we've worked hard on the Frisboos aerodynamics.  After tons of testing and refinement the discs fly beautifully and last long. Because of bamboo's texture, the grip is better than plastic-- your throws are more accurate and consistent.  Because the disc is less rigid than plasic, it is more friendly to catch.  Because of the wiffles in the weave, the disc hangs and floats longer in the air than plastic.    And because they are organic, they fit back into the cycles of life than a dead-end plastic disc could ever dream!

"We played Frisboo on the beach and I was amazed-- I could do all my trick throws and catches."
​​​​-Clayton, Hong Kong

"What better combination for the perfect bee is there than Eco friendly meets ultimate worthy. This boo flies like a sweet dream. It handles the elements and is a useful shape for handiness. Stoked on my boo."
-Sarah, California

"For our Ultimate pick-up tournament we swapped out the plastic for the Frisboo.  We hardly noticed the difference."
-Russell, Bali, Indonesia


Woohoo!  Bamboo.

Bamboo is an amazing material that is both strong, flexible and resistent.  Best of it all, its  a tremendously regenerative resource.  The bamboo for Frisboos comes from a managed community forest.  The discs are woven at home by our weavers.  When you buy a Frisboo you are helping make the shift from the old grey world of petrochemicals and factories, to the new green world of craftmanship, biodegradibility, forests and fun!

The Frisboo was inspired by the ancestral basket weaving  of the Igorots of the Northern Philippines.  We spent three years learning from Filipino, Balinese and Nepalee weavers and their traditions.  Our design not only builds on their traditions, but supports them.  No factories involved here.  Each Frisboo is handwoven by a craftsperson working from their home.    


Order Yours Today!

Get your Frisboo and be the greenest on the field.  Your  Frisboo ships direct from Indonesia with a story tag and registered tracking number.  One Frisboo is 19$.  Shipping is free within Indonesia.  For the rest of the world add, 7$.  Frisboos arrive within 3-4 weeks internationally and 3-4 days within Indonesia.  Please specify your color: Pink, Green, Blue, Brown and Red.

International Orders
Indonesian Orders

​The Disc in Detail

Disc Care
In the Package
Other Uses
  • Avoid playing on concrete or hard surfaces.
  • Frisboo can safely get wet– but be sure to sun dry the next day. 
  • Store in a dark dry place for maximum longevity 
  • Similar woven winnowers/plates in our village that have been well cared for, have been known for over a century!
  • After extended use bamboo will fray.  Simply trim with scissors.
  • Materials: The Frisboo is made from bamboo with a rattan edging.
  • Weight Range: 155-180g (depending on dryness of frisboo and waeving.  Dry average weight 150-175g
  • Diameter: 28cm / 11.75 in. Identical in profile to a standard Ultimate plastic disc.
  • Recycling: 100% biodegradable.
  • Paper envelope
  • Your Frisboo
  • No styrofoam or plastic packaging!  :-)
  • Story tag
  • Your Frisboo will be shipped international air mail from Indonesia.  
  • It should arrive within 3-4 weeks.  
  • Expedited International EMS shipping available for 1-3 discs. Shipping time: 1 week.  Cost 34$
  • Tracking number available.  
  • Traditionally a similar basket has been used by indegenuous  people around the world to 'winnow '(clean the dust away) from rice, corn, beans and other dry foods.  Your Frisboo can be used for this also!
  • Indegenuous cultures have also used a similar basket as a plate, or a container to store cooked rice.  Your Frisboo makes a great picnic plate!
  • Frisboos have also been used as fruit bowls and even to strain spaghetti on camping trips!

Contact Us

Questions? Want to buy a bunch at the same time? Interested in wholesale prices?  Drop us a line.  You can also reach us by email at fly (at) frisboo.org

Make the Shift to the Bamboo Flying Disc.